About CR Food

A brand that produces healthy products from cereals to functional foods,
leading a healthy diet to build a healthy society.

About Us

We developed our own technology as Korea's first company that produces cereals domestically, also being successful in making other functional products.
Korea's leading healthy food company producing and distributing cereals for direct local consumption.


The Best Health Partner

Healthy Brand

that produces healthy food

Righteous Brand

taking responsibility for society

Brand Specialized in Food

with its own skills

Green Brand

that produces eco-friendly products

Cereal products

Produce and supply various types of cereal products - from brand products (PB)
from Korea's main distributors to 'CRLO' which is our own brand products (NB).

Cereal Bars / Cookies

Have functional products such as Ginseng cereal bar, protein bar,
and rice cookies and shakes that meet customer’s various needs.

Sprouted grain products

Specially processed sprouted organic grains products to make healthy eating easier
and more convenient without adding any additives but keeping the nutritions.

  • Company Name

    CR Food Inc.

  • CEO

    Sangbeom Lee

  • Established

    09/19, 2007

  • Capital

    1,189 million (KRW)

  • Number of employees


  • Head quarters

    85 BioValley 1-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea.

  • Main Business

    Cereal or other processed grain food production/distribution

Members of board

CEO Sangbeom Lee

  • Current CEO of CR Food Inc.
  • Formal vice president of Dasan venture
  • Formal CFO of Turbo Tech
  • The formal team leader of Shinbo venture capital
  • Finished MBA in Sogang University
Name Job Title Responsible for Careers
Jaehong Lee Vice President Managing R&D Current R&D manager of CR Food
Formal R&D team leader of Orion Confectionery
Jinho Kim Executive Director Managing factory generally Current Executive Director of CR Food
Formal Production automation team leader of Samsung Electronics
Jinsik Kim Director Supervising factory Current Factory supervisor of CR Food
Formal HR management team leader of G&G Line